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Our practitioners have a profound sense of compassion for their patients. They don’t just listen to your health concerns, they tirelessly pursue understanding the underlying cause of your symptoms, and seek solutions for lasting relief. Their unwavering commitment to patient-centered care is a testament to their passion for healing and helping you achieve optimal health and well-being.  


Danelle Schmutz PA-C MPH

With a longstanding interest in helping people improve their health, Danelle became a Certified Functional Medicine Physician Associate in 2014, adding to her previous Master’s Degree in Public Health. Over the years she has worked in various community, hospital, and clinical settings including women’s health and OB/GYN. She is now in Functional Medicine, dedicated to helping you find the root cause of symptoms and address them with natural solutions. Many years ago Danelle began having her own health problems and started researching nutrition and natural health solutions. As she made diet and lifestyle changes she was amazed and delighted by the significant improvements in her health. She was introduced to essential oils a short time later which again took her health to a new level. This discovery process put her on the Functional Medicine path and she has never looked back. Grateful for the invaluable knowledge and resources she discovered that returned her to full health and vitality, she now shares this critical knowledge with others to empower them in finding solutions to their own health concerns. Danelle consults with you to identify your unique health priorities, order detailed laboratory studies, and employ the latest diagnostic techniques to assess gut health and toxicity levels. She assists you in creating treatment plans that facilitate the body’s own incredible capacity to heal itself while making changes that are truly transformational. Areas of specialty: Nutrition and supplementation Gut Health Toxicity Fatigue and low energy Lifestyle changes Plant-based therapies and essential oils

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Tiffany Christiansen RN CHWC

Tiffany Christiansen is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach. As an RN, Tiffany has worked extensively with patients with terminal illness and was certified as a Dementia Specialist. She has additional training and certifications in Essential Oils, Natural Health Solutions, and Lifestyle Medicine. In her capacity as a CHWC, Tiffany has worked with a variety of clients including those with depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, eating disorders, and those who are implementing lifestyle changes. Tiffany is a Mindset Wellness Coach and consultant at Blue Pebble Health to assist you in understanding and implementing the changes prescribed by Dr. Herzog and our other Practitioners. Making critical lifestyle changes can be challenging on your own, and she is here to support you every step of the way. She can assist you with making dietary changes, provide nutritional coaching, and help remove emotional and mental roadblocks through coaching and energy clearing modalities. As you bring your emotional and mental healing into alignment with your physical healing, things can shift more quickly and you can step into the light of wellness at an accelerated pace. Tiffany is here to guide you through this process. When she’s not working with clients, Tiffany loves being a mom to her 5 children. She enjoys getting out in nature as often as possible. Two of her favorite things are adventure and learning!


David Hone CEHP MMQ

FOUNDER of Elements of Life Institute

Dr David Hone is a leader and international teacher of Chinese Medical Qigong. He is a lifelong learner of meditation, martial arts, natural medicine and chinese energetic medicine. He combines eastern and western philosophies when looking at the body as physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects. He says " I have found that all the systems of medicine are just parts of the One, and though they can have conflict (as shown by symptoms) with each other, at times, each part has specific things to help us understand our full potential in healing, health and life."


Jessica Herzog MD FAAP ABOIM

FOUNDER of BPH and LUX Blanc

Dr. Jessica Herzog is a leader and teacher in the field of integrative and functional medicine. She is board certified in Integrative Medicine and her unique philosophy combines natural health principles with cutting-edge modern technologies to achieve the best outcomes for her patients. She serves on the medical board of two international health and wellness companies, including doTERRA, the largest essential oil company in the world. She’s the founder of Blue Pebble Health, an integrative and functional medicine center, and Lux Blanc a forward-thinking supplement company. She is a franchise owner of Light Lounge, a full body red light therapy center next door to her medical practice. Dr Herzog’s mission is to teach professionals and clients how to awaken to a deeper sense of wellness by uncovering what’s holding them back and provide them tools for their healing journey. Her team of natural-minded practitioners specialize in recovery from chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, neurologic disorders, digestive concerns, and hormone imbalances by focusing on optimizing mitochondrial function and providing foundational nutrients. She has taught at the Advanced FSM Conference, and is a core faculty for the Optimal Longevity Academy. Dr. Herzog is dual board-certified and completed her undergraduate degree, medical doctorate, and pediatric residency at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD. During her studies, she participated in research teams at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD and the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. She started her career as a pediatric hospitalist, serving in the Emergency room, Labor and Delivery and Pediatric in-patient wards in Maryland, Utah, and Pennsylvania. Dr. Herzog’s fascination with Functional Medicine and root-cause healing began when she experienced her own health challenges with chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and multiple chemical sensitivities. She was frustrated and saddened from the lack of answers she received in the conventional medical system. This shifted her to a "root cause" and investigative mindset with her own health. Another world of wellness opened up to her. The body could heal! Now she enjoys optimal health and vitality. She brought this investigative healing philosophy to her practice 10 years ago, and now serves mostly adults with chronic illnesses. Dr. Herzog whole-heartedly practices what she teaches, striving for the optimal balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness for her and her husband and six children. She is from the East Coast and currently lives in Utah where she and her family enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle including skiing, biking and hiking. She also enjoys gardening. She loves picking handfuls of fresh herbs for the most flavorful salads. In a world full of confusion around health, it’s time to go back to the basics and make sure your foundation of nutrition and emotional wellness are firm.

The Blue Pebble Office

Meet Rochelle

At Blue Pebble Health, we pride ourselves on being patient oriented and personal. We have a wonderful office manager who most of our patients already know very well, and she values those relationships.

Rochelle believes in a space where you feel welcome and supported. She works tirelessly for our office to help keep things running just right. 

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